Integrate with Documentero Cloud API

You can integrate or automate Documentero with your system or automation flow using our Cloud Service.

Template API Panel

To enter cloud service panel for specific template

  • Go to Document

  • Find document that you would like to create using API

  • Click on cloud icon

In template API Panel you can create new document using JSON Editor or preview how to create proper API Request for specific template

API Request

Once you upload your template you can call our RESTful API with template identifier, apiKey assigned to your account and JSON data for the document. Our Cloud service will generate ready-to-use document in seconds

API Request properties:


document - template identifier (each template has a unique identifier)

apiKey - your API secret key that you can find in account settings

data - JSON with data that you want to pass to generate a document


format - format of output document "docx" or "pdf" - Default: Inherited from Template Setting

email - email address that generates document is going to be sent as an attachment - Default: Document is not send to any email

emailSubject - You can override the default email subject - Default: New Document - [document name]

emailMessage - You can override the default email message - Default: You will find the attachment below (limited HTML formatting supported)

emailFooter - You can override the default email footer - Default: Powered by Documentero (limited HTML formatting supported)

emailSender - You can override the default email sender - Default: Documentero

API Response

Our api will generate expirable link after succesfull document generation. If it encounter errors with data, apiKey, documentID it will throw 200 http error and message in response object

API Response properties:

message - information about status of document generation (including errors)

data - Expirable Document Download Link


If you want to pass breakline into your documents you should use special character \n

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