Create Documents using ChatGPT

With OpenAI ChatGPT integration, you can effortlessly generate DOCX and PDF documents in a matter of minutes. Start with a basic outline or even a blank canvas, and let the AI do the heavy lifting.


Connecting Documentero with OpenAI

  • Create OpenAI Account

  • Get your API Key and copy into Documentero (your key will be saved and associtated with your account

  • Paid Account (Credit Card connected) OpenAI is required to use ChatGPT API

Document Creation

If you have template uploaded already to documentero platform you are ready to create your documents

  • Go to documents and find your document

  • Click on Generate using ChatGPT icon

  • Provide prompt Describe content that you want to generate using AI examples: ‘Create analysis of marketing tools that could help small renovation company gather clients in local market’,

  • Provide field mapping

    Explain what are you expecting to be generated for each template field. For fields names that are self-explanatory (like ‘title’, ‘summary’, ‘content’) you can skip this step.

  • Validate Generated Content

    You can check, validate and edit content generated for each field in your document template. Once you are done - you can go ahead and generate document

  • Download generated document

    That’s it! You are ready to download your generate document

Alternative: Click on template name to open template overview. In overview select Generate Using ChatGPT

Video Tutorial

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