You need to provide placeholders in the document template (field name in curly brackets). It's as simple as that.

If the same field is repeated in other parts of the template we will detect that and fill the document accordingly (with the value provided only once).

Fields could be used inside Sections

Omit special characters and spaces in field name. It will be easier to refer them in Smart Fields

We recommend camelCase rules for field naming e.g. fieldWithMultipleWords. If you want to use fields in Smart Sections & Smart Fields please also omit numbers and special characters in field names

Use Special Filters to modify results

{field | toFixed:2} > Sets number decimal precision 5300.1 > 5300.10
{$ labor + parts | format:2:',':'.'} > Sets number decimal precision, thousand separator, decimal separator e.g.  5300.1 > 5,300.00
{$ labor + parts | inWords:'en'} > Spells Number in words based on selected language

Multiline text

If you want to pass text in multiple lines (e.g. from API call or integration) you can use new line mark "\n" when passing text to your field.

"field": "first line \n second line" => In output document second line will go to next line

If you need more advanced formatting consider using Fields with HTML Support

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