Usage Limits and Quotas

You can find indicators on dashboard page where you can observe where you at witihin your limit. Limit depends on currently selected free/paid membership plan. You cannot use Documentero service when limit is exceeded (hard stop), you should consider upgrade to higher plan if you want to continue to use our service.

Documents Generations Limit

It counts all document creations per user and user’s shared forms:

  • Documents generated from Documentero App

  • All documents generated from share form’s shared by user

  • Documents generated using API

Please be careful when you send your shared form public link. If you share it to everyone you can expect that you will reach your Documents Generation limit quicker than expected.

Templates Limit

It counts all document templates associated with your account (including documents in all folders).

If you hit the limit you need to remove unused documents or upgrade to higher plan.

Maximum size of uploaded document templates (.docx) is 10MB.

Maximum size of online templates is 1MB

Data / API Limits

The maximum size of data passed as content for the generated document is 10MB (JSON format).

If you hit the limit most likely you are using base64 images extensively. Consider passing them as public URLs (or in a smaller format)

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