Template Upload/Re-upload

Upload new template

  • Go to documents from main navigation

  • Navigate to folder that you want to create new document template (optional)

  • Use upload form: Select document template from your disk

  • Hit upload template button. After a while new template should appear on the document list

Re-upload Template

If you change content of template and you want keep all customization options for all fields and shared forms connected to document template you should re-upload template to existing document instead of adding new one.

Existing form fields will stay intact in terms of configuration. Fields that do not exist in new template will be removed. Fields that are added compared to previous template will be added at the end of the list.

  • Go to documents from main navigation

  • Find document that you want update with new template

  • Find Re-Upload button under Template Name

  • Choose updated template from disk and submit.

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